Paul Saul: Murder in the Kitchen

Murder in the Kitchen is a solo exhibition by the American artist Peter Saul, which features paintings and works on paper from 1959 to 1966, and maps the artistโ€™s development process, as he became one of the most primitive voices in American painting in the 20th century.

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Where artists far from the United States began to create minimalist works, Saul created narrative-driven paintings that criticized American culture. When he returned to the United States in 1964, the narrative became clearer, the characters were more bizarre, and the colours were more eye-catching. His iconic innovative style stems from his ability to let the painting speak for itself.

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His early work โ€œMurder in the Kitchenโ€ included his most iconic works of this period. The paintings and sketches in the line of sight depict crimes, executions, and supermen, which are scenes and characters that often appear in Saulโ€™s early works. It will also focus on the paintings in his famous โ€œIce Boxโ€ series and the early paintings in his Vietnam series. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue that includes loans for private and public collections.