Max Huckle: PFAD

PFAD๏ผˆDao) is the second solo exhibition by the German artist Max Huckle in Hong Kong. The title PFAD can be translated as the road in German. In the artistโ€™s mind, the road is different from person to person, it records each personโ€™s different experience, value and lifestyle. Therefore, his works have extremely diverse interpretations, depending on which road you are walking on.

From meaningful abstraction to a deep understanding of composition, the artist uses oil pastels to create a series of soft and powerful lines. On multiple levels, his paintings have achieved fascinating effects. Through his works, people can see the impermanence of physical reality. Even if reality is fleeting, he still leaves plenty of room for imagination for the audience. According to Taoist philosophy, each life form has its own rights, is interrelated and dependent on each other. โ€œTherefore, there is no intergrowth, difficult and easy to form, long and short form, high and low, the sound and the sound, follow each other.โ€ โ€“ Tao Te Ching (้“ๅพท็ถ“).