Jim Hodges: Love Power

Love Power is a new solo exhibition by the American artist Jim Hodges, which presents a series of new works use some of the artistโ€™s iconic materials, such as glass, 24-carat gold foil, linen acrylic, and metal chains that form a spider web: they are from Hodgesโ€™ 30-year career. idol. The subtle hints of the natural landscape such as the sky, reflections of water, the outlines of trees and petals are transformed into abstractions. The meticulousness of the material encourages the viewer to interact closely with the work.

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In fact, many works focus on our perception of time, and tend to change scenes. The artistis known for coordinating the relationship between works and space and the movement between each other. The corners that are often marginalized here are used as focal points. Although not all works can be seen at the same time, each work is linked to the next. Vibration and echo appear at different intensities. Using poetic gestures, seemingly simple materials are used to convey emotions and draw attention to the passage of time and ultimately to death. For example, 24 carat gold is a material that changes its luminosity with the time of day, although its thinness can withstand outdoor weather and will not rot. There are positive and negative gestures. The three paintings on linen form a loose trilogy, from black to black and gold to gold and white, gradually forming symbolic colours.