Mai-Thu Perret: Flower in the Eye

Flowers in the Eye is an exhibition of new ceramics and tapestries by Swiss artist Mai-Thu Perret. The artistโ€™s ceramics are both representative and abstract, evolving from geometric shapes to concrete forms found in the fictional world of โ€œCrystal Frontโ€. In the new ceramic wall reliefs and baskets, she used the plasticity of clay, which is a tactile material. Once fired in a kiln, it loses its elasticity, but never loses its intuitive connection with the artist. In this way, ceramics can be closely connected to the human body, and due to their gesture structure, each composition is immediately figurative and painterly. The artist plays a dichotomy: In these works, she explores the relationship between rigidity and softness, edges and curves. These works test these classic types, such as attic basins and vases, without missing formal innovations. Circumstances refer to traditional functions. She recovered the material so that the knotted coils used to decorate the surface of the two rectangular ceramics were left from the production of the basket. The regeneration characteristics of the clay were used to continuously reform the clay before firing.

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The two new tapestries were made in Mexico using high warpage looms, based on watercolors painted by the artist. The tension between fluidity and geometry reflects the way its materials intersect. The basket weaving technique used in ceramics is directly related to tapestry craft practice. She combines tradition and craftsmanship with postmodern aesthetics, which fundamentally questioned public identity.