Super Future Kid: Seaweed Sunrise

Seaweed Sunrise is a solo exhibition of new paintings by London-based artist Super Future Kid. The artist showed her worldview through an interesting lens. The high chroma works reflect her unremitting pursuit of eternal childhood, show a cheerful view of life, and provide audiences with opportunities to experience the fantasy and game of their childhood. Witnessing the fall of the Berlin Wall was because she inevitably left her with a lasting impression of pop culture at the end of the 20th century at the age of eight. Since then, she has explored through colorful characters who express a series of short-lived emotions-boredom, Fear, friendship, tranquility and longing; in a playful, surreal landscape.

A series of paintings and sculptures are displayed, exploring this emotional landscape in unconventional dimensions. Like a dream, the work presents a distant euphoric time. The artist places her work between sculptures and paintings, often displaying them together, depicting a new dimension for the viewer and the subject itself. As the characters bravely explore new areas, the artistโ€™s latest works are full of fluorescent colors, elegantly capturing their pain and hope in a rapidly changing world. These works reflect the tension and profound uncertainty of the current environment. When the artist finds herself struggling between the leisurely new pace of the world and the newly imposed restrictions, she tries to reproduce this emotional balance with those who overcome the boredom and freedom of too much leisure, thus escaping the ordinary and illusory New world. size. These works give the audience a strange feeling that something is not quite right, but they did not rule out the possibility of hope or ending.