Duan Zhengqu: Mahuangliang

Mahuangliang is a solo exhibition by Chinese artist Duan Zhengqu, which is a strong and lasting passion and dedication to the rich and primitive humanistic characteristics of the Loess Plateau. It is also a tribute to the artistโ€™s characteristic paintings in the 15th year of Duan, in recognition of the humble farmers and secret villages in northern Shaanxi.

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The artist used rich black and brown gradients to paint deep dark paintings, establishing a long history. His artistic language was deeply influenced by the strong and heavy style of the late French expressionist painter Georges Rouault. He combined the elements of surrealism and ancient Chinese murals to form a painting style that is both primitive and mysterious. With the theme of โ€œEphedra Brightโ€, shows the daily scenes and suburban landscapes of villages in the northern Shaanxi, where artists repeatedly visit, stay and dream.