Kenneth Pai: Taipei People

Taipei People, it closely follows the personality of the Taipei people, full of compassion, nostalgia, mourning and tenacious clarity. The book has collected 14 short stories, and after the countryโ€™s split in 1949, they showed the gallery of the Agiles of mainland China to Taiwan. Despite their different backgrounds and experiences, these people have one thing in common: they cannot forget the past. As a result, the people in these stories turned nostalgia into reality. After a century that vowed to completely change everything, the author calls on people to have the ability to feel, love and act, and it is this โ€œthe Beam of Darknessโ€ that was tried to define and redefine among the people of Taipei fifty years ago, no matter how โ€œUntimelyโ€, he is still working on it.