Jadรฉ Fadojutimi: Jesture

Jesture is a solo exhibition of new paintings by London-based artist Jadรฉ Fadojutimi, which touches the sense of absurdity to deal with the interruption of daily rhythm caused by forced isolation during lock-in. The core of the artistโ€™s behavior is the repeated questioning of identity, the fluidity of identity, and how the understanding of happiness, desire, and the choice is indispensable to self-awareness. In order to solve the communication between the individual and the environment, the vivid choice of colors and forms stems from the related qualities of special objects, which attract her attention and the memories they evoke.

The artist describes these complex compositions as environments, which are neither abstract nor concrete but constructed with layers of paint, and because of her recent use of oil pastels, linear marking is easier. The use of new materials in her paintings allows Fadojutimi to consider color palette, composition, and depth more broadly while transforming the spontaneity of his paintings into a canvas.