Tu Hongtao: Twisting and Turning

Twisting and Turning is the first European exhibition with acclaimed Chinese artist Tu Hongtao, its characteristic is that it occupies an expressive field between landscape painting and abstract painting, reflecting the atmosphere and influence of the rural area where the painter lives create vivid and lifelike painting effects.

The name of the exhibition was inspired by the Chinese idiom โ€œone turn and three turnsโ€, which originated from Jin Dynasty in master calligrapher Wang Xizhi. The term originally referred to the elegant development of Chinese calligraphy. It now describes the unpredictable and rapidly changing state of affairs, and it also implies that good things are never easy.

โ€œThese words imply a certain aesthetic feeling, that is, paintings should not be too neat and orderly, and artistic creation should not be too decorative; in the face of current uncertainties and global dilemmas, in this brand-new work, he broke through the new form of expression of painting. In his paintings near Chengdu, Tu explored the ever-changing relationship between memory, location, image and technology.โ€ Explained by Tu.