Andrรฉ Butzer

Andrรฉ Butzer is a solo exhibition of recent paintings by the German painter Andrรฉ Butzer, since the painting can never be found on its surface, the artist overcomes the useless difference between abstraction and graphicization, and strives to carefully balance the flat color and contrast. He expanded the means of painting to expose it to light because everything is light, overlap the sun hat and measure the beam. The genes are blue, red, yellow and flesh.

The artist merges European expressionism with American popular culture, depicting his way through the extreme life, life and death, consumption and mass entertainment of art and politics in the 20th century. Today, he is one of the most internationally recognized painters of this generation.

He fundamentally explored the potential of color, light, proportion and expression in painting, and then he moved to California. There, his paintings were opened again, and the colors and even the image were restored. With this โ€œAmerican experience,โ€ Buze reinvented himself. He once again turned his paintings into a โ€œmain language areaโ€.