Chiharu Shiota: Navigating the Unknown

Navigating the Unknown is a solo exhibition by the Japanese performance and installation artist Chiharu Shiota. It is difficult to adapt to this new world. Where is the surface of this ocean of information? The human body cannot adapt and change at the same speed, thus finding the true meaning of life becomes more and more complicated. Finding the destination of life, as humans believe that death is the final destination at the end of life, as well as believe that time is a cyclical reconstruction. After death, consciousness transcends another level without beginning or end, just like a corpse floating in the water. Each line is like an emotion. Using lines, lines, and ropes to explore breathing and space like lines in the painting. The accumulation of black lines formed a surface like the night sky, and then gradually expanded into the universe, but what if it is only the bottom of the ocean? There is no light there, everything is so dark.