Françoise Pétrovitch: Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is a solo exhibition by the Canada-based French artist Françoise Pétrovitch, which takes advantage of the peculiarities of each medium while transforming the process from one kind to another. Her works on canvas incorporate various effects of her works on paper, such as the use of reserved space, which is realized with white paint. On paper, the reserve may serve as a drawing or outline, and the boundaries between painted spaces and unpainted reserves are insurmountable boundaries. It is precisely because of mastering these reserves that her practice hands can stand out and create images composed of empty spaces in her colors, such as children whose bones and bone structure appear as white reserves in the washing liquid.

The artist likes the creative process of her work most, which violates the principle that soup should be cooled first before eating. Execute immediately and be talked about immediately. Painting with just one tap, there will be no brushstrokes, changes or laborious superpositions, and the entire support can be easily slid on the palm of the hand. The skill of Pétrovitch is a skilled craftswoman, her hands know the tools and media. From one work to another, this manual fluidity has been reiterated, and each work enjoys her complete touch with a new pleasure. When observing this kind of pleasure, people forget that she is edified by the art of engraving, scratching, and etching. The tool penetrates the medium instead of sliding on the medium. As if using ink or oil painting is a kind of release, the tension felt by the sculptor’s hand relaxes.