Tjebbe Brennan: Symbiosis

Symbiosis is the first solo exhibition in New York by the Leiden artist Tjebbe Beekman, which thematically, refers to the witness of the current cultural atmosphere. An undercurrent of social comment appeared in a group of paintings. In these paintings, the artist explained the seven deadly evils (traditional excess expression) through abstract anthropomorphic painting language. Each work contains a physical display of crime or sin against the body, as shown in the picture. These extreme human behaviors are drawn within the geometrical confines of the canvas, depicting excessive catharsis at the other end.

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The artisrtโ€™s paintings are both informal and complex, composed of dense paint and discovered materials. In his latest painting series, he approach to medium and subject matter eliminated all the layers of avant-garde art of the last century. In this way, his work can be seen as an exploration of a destructive and even anarchistic manifestation, and treated painting with skepticism and analyzed its function while promoting its substance. The works in the exhibition locate a delicate boundary between visualization and abstraction, and provide the audience with another perspective and sense of art history.