Mary Weatherford: Train Yards

Train Yards is the first solo exhibition of a series of paintings by the Los Angeles artist Mary Weatherford, which showcases her abstract paintings are derived from subjective experience, evoking urban and rural environments, while trying to revolve internal painting dynamics around light, colour and gestures, and correlation. Between the painted surface and various three-dimensional appendices. She used a mixture of plaster and marble powder to prepare each canvas, and she thought of various colours and texture effects. In her most famous work, the sponge-like vinyl emulsion base on a heavy linen panel is covered by one or more glass tubes carefully shaped and placed with neon gas.

The artist often refers to specific locations and climates. Early sand paintings incorporate combined elements such as shells, sponges and starfish. The vine series is inspired by the interwoven network of ivy, while the cave series is based on her observation of natural light in the Pismo Beach cave. Drawing inspiration from the abstract painterโ€™s inspiration, she praises the flatness of modernism through the illusion of injecting her own paintings into the depth of space and the romantic existentialist exploration spirit.