Wes Lang

Wes Lang is a solo exhibition by the American artist Wes Lang, which marks another important moment in the artistโ€™s steady ascent of works. Although these new paintings are visually cohesive with his earlier works, they seem to mark the beginning of the artistโ€™s more comprehensive and self-personalized voice. The artistโ€™s inspiration and influence are fully integrated into the composition, leaving more room for Lang to show the goal he has obviously been working on. In more literary terms, he thoroughly digested his references and moved forward with a hard-won new discovery. According to the artist, his works are traditionally about the past, the present or some combination of the two. That is to say, after the end of the series of paintings for this work, and he deeply felt his own liberation, which in turn broke the gate of creation, allowing the artist to execute completely at that moment.

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Due to the artistโ€™s feverish and laborious mark making process, he is constantly seeking meaning-perhaps a simple fact-when a canvas may have some earlier composition buried under its top layer; although elements such as ghosts or partially exposed elements continue to smoke inside. It can be said that he method is a brushstroke in a revelation ceremony of physics and metaphysics, in which implicit references and themes are determined to be indispensable. Despite the various portraits, he bluntly believes that his works are fundamentally in his autobiography. An objective connection that has passed the test of time, in which the artistโ€™s expression is a reflection of internal life and external pursuit.