Rachel de Joode: Soft

Soft is an exhibition of new large-scale abstract paintings by Berlin-based Dutch artist Rachel de Joode, which focus of her practice is described as the space between the physical world and the virtual world, exploring the relationship between three-dimensional objects and their two-dimensional representations. Her work encompasses the uninterrupted interaction between surface, meaning and material, destroying the entanglement between these different plateaus, thus restoring simplicity.

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De Joode focuses on the interaction between physical and virtual, which is evident in the process she used to produce Sloppy Therapy. Starting from a canvas, the artist deliberately tried to forget everything she knew about the canvas itself but tried to explore the canvas as a simple object to make it substantial. This gives her practice a phenomenological dimension, based on the directness of physics and the distance of philosophy.

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The title of the exhibition is Soft, echoing her attention to the interaction between art and digital art and the boundaries between the two. Softness can be seen as a direct suggestion to De Joodeโ€™s artistic process, such as the materials she used for her initial three-dimensional exploration โ€“ the natural flexibility and ductility of the canvas, paint, resin, foam and clay she created.