The Moves That Matter

The Moves That Matter praises peopleโ€™s highly concentrated redemptive power, but it also provides a humane and compassionate explanation of how everyone exists as part of a wider community. The author โ€“ Jonathan Rowson once revealed the meaning of deep love or care in the complex game of life.

In the mental state that brought us into the global elite of chess, the author dug into this game, using insight to stay focused, quiet the internal saboteurs, make difficult decisions, overcome failures, and so on. He stripped away the alluring logic of chess to reveal its eternal wisdom. This exciting journey ranges from learning how to love our mistakes to considering why people love trees. From the mystery of raising children to the beauty of technical details, to the end of death. Throughout the process, chess is a powerful and easy-to-understand metaphor, representing the pleasure and frustration that make our daily lives full of meaning and beauty.