Luisa Rabbia: From Mitosis to Rainbow

From Mitosis to Rainbow is the solo exhibition of new paintings by the Italian New York based artist Luisa Rabbia, which combining the differences between humans and nature, and through its organic expansion of painting, the natural landscape expresses the unity with the universe. The proportions of the artistโ€™s paintings are suitable for the subject she explores, usually depicting overlapping abstract figures, making them blend into one, which seems insurmountable.

In the exhibition, she mentioned the natural processes of interconnection, such as mitosis, which forms a line between the micro world and the macro world and intertwined in a fuzzy primitive state. She is constantly changing and changing, like a rainbow, creating a form with expressive colours that also evokes a spiritual transformation. Observing carefully and taking this substantive work to a more intimate level, her body and intuitive processes become clearly visible, with rhythmic scratches of paint, layered pencil marks and fingertip marks. The Rabbi alludes to the tiny traces of each personโ€™s life, but at the same time asserts the broad and interconnected vision of the vast universe.