Richard Prince: Cartoon Jokes

Cartoon Jokes is the first exhibition dedicated to the artistโ€™s brazen, large-scale Cartoon Joke paintings by the American artist Richard Prince, which featured works selected from this rare series of works from 1988 to 1991, which appropriately displayed tenacious humour and marked Princeโ€™s cunning to get involved in painting. The presentation also showed for the first time five cartoon jokes from the artistโ€™s work โ€œBlue Ripplesโ€ created by the artist from 2017 to 2019.

Since 1988, the artist has incorporated his infamous exclusive strategy into his paintings and screen-printed out-of-line cartoons and jokes on a commemorative canvas. The focus of the exhibition is to render paintings in dynamic, monochromatic orange, red, burgundy or green. From the beginning of interacting with the media, it demonstrates his natural mastery of colour. These works shocked and violated the expectations of the art world accustomed to his photographic heritage. The series was created during the renaissance of expressionist gesture painting, marking his condemning the magnificent painting style of the New York art world through bleak, witty cartoons and one-line paintings, thus taking a unique approach to the media.