Henry Shum: Vortice

Vortice is the first solo exhibition with Hong Kong-based painter Henry Shum, its name is taken from the outdated term โ€œvortexโ€ used by William Blake and Descartes to describe the spiral structure of the universe. Vortices formed a group of recent oil paintings and a mural with interrelated themes.

The artist puts his original materials in the wave of media images that engulf our consciousness every day, and turns these eclectic images into paintings, which seems to have a monotonous energy. These unforgettable works (the undulating themes are mirrored and reversed throughout the exhibition) are presented with undulating lines and transparent washing, depicting distant and familiar otherworldly scenes-the generality of the late capitalist dream Space. Recurring throughout the painting, the nominal vase can be used as a conceptual gap through which we can begin to think about his artistic practice. Mythology is usually considered a place of danger and instability that is a kind of negative chance zone. The swirling figures are deeply rooted in the Western mind and can be seen everywhere from Homer to Pound. The simplest definition is a counter-current meeting; it is a structure that spontaneously forms a swirling flow around a non-existent center, and it is an element structure that has a lot in common with itself. Spiral tides crazily spread various forms of cultural fragments in its agitated orbit, with equal destructive and productive power.