Karl Horst Hรถdicke: Eingedunkelt

Eingedunkelt is the first Hong Kong solo exhibition by the renowned German artist Karl Horst Hรถdicke, which is dedicated to everyone who has been living through the pandemic in 2020.

The title of the exhibition was inspired by a poem โ€œEingedunkelt โ€ by the French poet Paul Celan, which was translated into absolute darkness in the eyes. This is an ambiguous state between night and dawn, containing countless possibilities. As one of the most important contemporary German expressionists, the artist paints real emotions in a wild and passionate style. After experiencing the turmoil of the โ€œdarkest momentโ€ of German politics, he paid attention to the fate of the country and the joy and sorrow of the people. The pain, struggle and hope he endured and expressed echoed the destiny of mankind. It is undeniable that a new era has arrived.