Untitled by Kathleen Mercado

Courtesy of the artist – Kathleen Mercado; Untitled; oil on canvas; 12 × 16 in. (30.48 × 40.64 cm.)

Kathleen’s figurative artworks are exceptional, the uniqueness of its anatomy so that from the senses of the artwork reminds to life with the ability to express the in-depth soul into a tangible visible colouring form, the subjects captured in the figure inner turbulence of the soul, the exquisiteness of complexities that can reach with the simplicity of colouring form, especially by the form of earthy tones on the canvas, from evacuation to experience, from the hue of gazing of fleshy tones to the surface.
Artwork Details:
Artist: Kathleen Mercado
Title: Untitled
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 12 × 16 in. (30.48 × 40.64 cm.)