Fernando Botero – The Bed, 1974




#The Bed_1974









Falling into a deep sleep dreaming about the creative genius has left its mark on dystopia,

It has advanced civilization by improving colour living conditions considering the creative inventions that have drastically altered and improved colourful lives: Abstract, Impressionism, Modernism, Surrealism, Neoclassicism, Neoimpressionism, Futurism, Classicism, Constructivism, Mannerism, and Fauvism (WOW),

Sinner delivered the evening sermon a searing critique of racial prejudice in the colouring moment,

Urged disgruntled darkness evangelicals suffering under subtle forms of discrimination at a white chapter to stay in a dramatically and beautifully the ear of darkness.


Artwork Detail:

Artist: Fernando Botero

Title: The Bed. 1974

Medium: Red chalk on canvas, washed

Size: 79 ½ × 70 ½ in. (202 × 179 cm.)

Markings: signed and dated ‘BOTERO 74’ on the lower right