Phoebe Philo Reportedly Preparing Her Own ECO-collection and Focus on Essential Pieces

Courtesy by Willy Vanderperre/Conde Nast Via Getty Images

After presenting her final collection for Cรฉline in 2017, the houseโ€™s former creative director, Phoebe Philo, has significantly stay-away her personal life from the spotlight, however, the whispers love whispering and if itโ€™s to be believed, everything might change then.

According to WWD, the British designer reportedly preparing to launch a new collection which will have an eco-angle and will also focus on essential pieces, in the meantime, she has been interviewing a number of cooperating clothing designers to work in her team. Although neither she nor any rumored corporate group commented on the news, there is a suggestion that Philo will either be setting up her own fashion label or will step into a role at fashion house Azzedine Alaรฏa.

In her ten-year tenure at Cรฉline has injected the brand with unprecedented energy, build a loyal following community like the Old Cรฉline, through her creations in the ready-to-wear and accessories that spoke to an incredibly chic, modern and minimalist aesthetic. She is now one of the most well-known designers of this generation.

Her position at Cรฉline was after Stella McCartney at Chloรฉ, then took-over her role at a fashion house, became a creative director for five years, and eventually rose to the role she was so famous for. Furthermore, she actually had already started working on her own brand when she left Chloรฉ, indicating that she has waited until now to pick it up, continues said by WWD.

However, there is something must be reminded that Philoโ€™s name was mentioned in regard to the appointment of both fashion labels โ€“ Burberry and Chanel, which certainly did not happen. If this round of rumours is to be true through, then itโ€™s a thrilling glad tiding to many hardcore fans of Philo. Itโ€™s really looking forward to the-exact-date of her return to the fashion calendar.