Albert Oehlen – Sohn von Hundescheisse, 1999

Courtesy by the artist – Paris © Albert Oehlen | Private Collection. Photo: Archive Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin



Inundated with great colouring not only in the colour itself that is also several fine colour shows were in evidence as well as might be expected, many other contemporary colours substantial solo and group exhibitions,

Individuality and uniqueness concepts have not always been essential to the colourful moment of the early modern period were permitted only to transform the colouring works until the colour mastered the various techniques required to produce an oil painting and became a colour itself,

Among the most recognizable in the darkness world, finds its source in the original colour, painted on a poplar panel, was a traditional colour work by the represented the culmination of unique clouring,

A testament to the timeless appeal by time-traveling, replicas of the colour was made for centuries to follow, some copies, including the present colour work, record the vestigial colours that were thought to have been removed from the original colour at an idealism stage.


Artwork Details:


Artist: Albert Oehlen

Title : Sohn von Hundescheisse, 1999

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 109 1/2 x 141 3/8 in. (278.13 x 359.09 cm.)