Ri Art


Courtesy of the artist โ€“ Nansen; Miraculous brightness No.16,2020, Acrylic/ watercolour on paper; 15.4 X 22 in. (39 X 54 cm.)

A Thought; A Unique Attribute



โ€œSincerity is a unique attribute of these talents. The artist has been doing things he likes which is definitely not for grandstanding, not to please others, and use what they are best at to describe truthfully, things and things he perceives, pain and pleasure, bitterness and sweetness. The intention is self-perception completely amplified, refined, and explore, etc.โ€ โ€“ Nansen


Rรฌ Galerie is thrilled to present a solo online exhibition of a series of new painting by the Inner Mongolia artist Nensen entitled A Thought, A Unique Attribute. The exhibition is available on view from 12 Mar โ€“ 11 May 2021.


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